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Hair Salon in Brentwood, TN for Olaplex and Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Restore Your Hair Back To It's Natural State

Hair damage is a part of everyones life. Common things like sun exposure, chemical services, and heat can accelerate the breakage of hair bonds. Restoring your hair is vital to keeping your hair healthy and looking it's best.

SALON 10 offers multiple hair treatment options that will help with multiple different concerns and desired outcomes. All hair treatment options include a detailed consultation, hair examination, deep wash, treatment, and blow dry style.

Tori's most popular treatments are the Keratin Smoothing Treatments and Olaplex Bond Building Treatment. These treatments are non-damaging, formaldehyde-free, restorative treatments that will leave your hair looking better than ever!

Hair Salon for Blonde Hair and Balayage in Brentwood, TN - SALON 10

All Hair Treatment Experiences Include:


Communication is key! Tori will sit down, get to know you and your hair goals, outline the process and maintenance, and ensure you are informed every step of the process.

Clean Application

Tori is all about the details, including applying the treatment. You can be sure that every strand of hair will be evenly treated for thorough, lasting results.

Deep Cleanse

Sit back and relax. Your hair treatment service includes a deep cleaning shampoo. This helps to remove impurities and opens the hair follicles to provide the best results.

Blow Dry Style

You will walk out of SALON 10 looking and feeling your best with the included blow dry styling. Tori has countless styling products to match your haircut and hair texture.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Olaplex Treatment in Brentwood, TN - SALON 10

Hair Treatment Options

If you are looking for a hair salon in Brentwood, TN that offers professional hair treatments, SALON 10 is the answer! Tori specializes in multiple hair treatment options.

The Keratin Smoothing Treatment is the perfect treatment option for reducing frizz and volume while restoring and moisturizes hair quality. You will see instant results before you walk out of the salon. We also have a special keratin smoothing treatment option for blondes to prevent that golden, brassy finish. Both of these options are completely free of formaldehyde, sulfates, gluten, parabens, lactose, salt, & more.

SALON 10 is also proud to offer the Olaplex Bond Building treatment. This amazing treatment is only available in salons. It restores your hair back from the damage of everyday life. This option is great for hair that has thermal, chemical, mechanical, and environmental damage. You can also add this to any hair color or blonding service!

Benefits of SALON 10 Hair Treatments

Restores Damage

Restore that briddle, crunchy hair back to it's natural state. You won't have to be afraid to apply heat to your hair again!

Hydrate Dry Hair

Is your hair always feeling dry? SALON 10 can help bring lasting moisture to your hair to have it looking and feeling it's best.

Control Frizz

We all know what it's like to have uncontrollable frizz. Our keratin smoothing treatment can tame the frizz and your stress.

Quicker Drying

How long does your hair take to dry? Our keratin hair treatment can help cut down on dry time and make your daily routine a bit faster!

Tame Frizz with Keratin Smoothing Hair Treatment in Brentwood, TN - SALON 10
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