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A Top Hair Salon in Brentwood, TN Offering Haircuts, Color, Treatments, & More

Tori Humphries - Owner and Hair Stylists at SALON 10 in Brentwood, TN

Tori Humphreys — Owner & Licensed Hair Stylist at SALON 10

Tori is a licensed hair stylist that has been doing hair for over 25 years. After many years of working behind the chair and gaining knowledge and experience, Tori decided to make the leap and open her own salon suite in Brentwood, TN. SALON 10 opened in 2011 as a private salon studio located inside of Sola Salon Suites. SALON 10 was recently remodeled to bring the best services and experience to every guest!

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Tori is a hardworking, dedicated single mother of an amazing boy. She extends the love by also caring for her mother and her mothers sister of 87 years old.

Dog Lover

Tori is a true dog lover, through and through. She is a dog mom of two beautiful pit bulls. When she isn't in the salon or with her family, you'll find her taking her dogs for a walk!

Centered by Pilates

Any and every free moment Tori has, you can find her practicing Pilates. Tori LOVES to center herself with the mind-body exercise of Pilates.

What Sets SALON 10 Apart

A Friendship

Every client is like a friend. Come in and be apart of the friendship!

Eco Friendly

SALON 10 uses brands that do good for the earth and it's future.

Locally Owned

Tori is a local resident and proud to be a part of the Brentwood, TN area.

Safe Space

You are welcome in just the way you are. Tori offers a safe space for all walks of life, always!

Fine Tuned

It's all about the details. Tori takes extra time to ensure every detail is perfect!

Quality Products

SALON 10 only uses the best, safests, and top quality products for all services.

Tori Humphreys and Son - Owner of SALON 10 in Brentwood, TN


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