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Hair Salon for Hair Color, Blonding, Root Touch-Ups, & Grey Coverage in Brentwood, TN

Hair Color, Blonding, Balayage, and Grey Coverage in Brentwood, TN - SALON 10

Fully Customized Hair Color Options

At SALON 10, Tori specializes in hair color services. Hair color is so much more than a service. Your hair color is a part of your identity, personality, and lifestyle.

From all over color to grey coverage, highlights to blonding, SALON 10 is the hair salon for your hair color journey. Tori is proud to only carry the top profession brands that up hold the highest standards. Not only does SALON 10 focus on results, but hair integrity and heath are also just as important.

Finding a new salon can be a little scary. Tori starts every service out with a lengthy, detailed consultation to understand your goals, check your hair condition, and outline what that process and maintenance includes to ensure there are no surprises throughout the process!

All Hair Color Experiences Include:


Communication is key! Tori will sit down, get to know you and your hair goals, outline the process and maintenance, and ensure you are informed every step of the process.

Clean Application

Tori is all about the details, including applying the color. You will walk out with beautiful hair and not have to worry about color stains on your skin.

Relaxing Wash

Sit back and relax. Your hair color service includes a relaxing shampoo and conditioner. Take your wash to the next level and add an Olaplex conditioning hair treatment.

Blow Dry Style

You will walk out of SALON 10 looking and feeling your best with the included blow dry styling. Tori has countless styling products to match your haircut and hair texture.

Grey Coverage and All Over Hair Color

If you are looking for a hair salon near Brentwood, TN that offers premium hair color, SALON 10 is the answer!

Tori specializes in all over hair color applications. She has countless years of experience combined with on going education and certifications to ensure your results are exactly what you are looking for and last!

SALON 10 is proud to carry both permanent hair color and semipermanent hair color options. These options allow you to ensure a lengthy lifespan or flexibility to change colors often. Upgrade your hair color service by adding Olaplex Bond Builder. This amazing innovation repairs your hair bonds as the color is being applied to your hair. This allows you to continually color your hair without ongoing damage or breakage.

All Over Hair Color and Grey Hair Color Coverage in Brentwood, TN - SALON 10
Hair Salon for Blonde Hair and Balayage in Brentwood, TN - SALON 10

Blonding and Lightening

Are you looking for a hair salon for blond hair in Brentwood, TN? Are you wanting that beautifully blended highlighted hair color? SALON 10 is your destination salon for hair blonding and lightening.

Tori is a pro when it comes to hair blonding and lightening. SALON 10 is here to make your hair goals a reality. Tori always puts the truth on the table before every hair lightening service.

Everyones hair condition is different, so every services has a different journey. While there are many options available, like Olaplex, to get your hair where you want it, as quickly as possible, bleaching your hair isn't always an option. Tori will never do anything to sacrifice the integrity of your hair, even it it means explaining that lightening isn't an option at that current point of time.

Common Hair Color Services in Brentwood, TN

Grey Coverage

Need a lasting solution for those pesky grey hairs? SALON 10 offers amazing hair color options for all over colors and root touch ups.

Root Touch Up

We have all been there. SALON 10 is the perfect place to get your roots touched up when your hair color starts to grow out.

Seasonal Hair Color

From red hair for fall to beachy blond for summer, Tori will get your hair to the color you want it and have it ready to change at a seasons notice!

Gender Neutral

SALON 10 is a safe space for all. We offer hair color and blonding solutions for men, women, trans, non-binary, children and more. Feel welcome and look your best!

Olaplex Treated

Upgrade your hair color or blonding service with our Olaplex Bond Building additive and treatment. It's like insurance for your hair!

Hair Color and Blonding with Olaplex Treatment in Brentwood, TN - SALON 10
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